Painting the Goddess

I paint The Divine Mother metaphorically representing the life-providing force from which we pour forth

Artist Kel Rae on the Goddess
The Goddess is an early, and now reemerging, cosmogonical belief system which renews nature, pilots individual direction and alleviates death through rebirth. The Great Goddess is the life providing force from which all things poured forth from. As the Great Mother, Her  essense exists around and within all things and She gently directs through the feeling of love.24-x-36-inches-goddess

Early cultures philosophically recognized the Absolute or their great “Source” as a GODdess not only due to it’s metaphoric alignment to the female body, which symbolized fertility, abundance and the perpetuation of existence but also because it carried the emotional characteristics of a great mother whose compassion, beauty, sincerity, harmony, love, sharing and service to all were seen as holy. The Goddess belief system did not elevate women above men but saw them equally as Her children with Her qualities emerging through both.

I paint the Goddess, heralding Our Great Mother. I feel my paintings are a metalanguage for the reappearing egalitarian culture that venerates the gentle traits associated with femininity into a broader scope of awareness.

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