Painting the Goddess

Visual Artist Kel Rae Paints The Goddess

I paint the Goddess who metaphorically represents the harmony present within all things. She is the mysterious life-providing force from which we pour forth from and Her essence exists within us and around us. Because She is harmony-bound her essence moves us towards harmony.

The essence of this “Divine Mother” guides all towards a joyous expression of life and harmonious inner peace. The Goddess renews nature, pilots individual direction and alleviates death through rebirth.
“The Goddess and Nature” Acrylic and oil on canvas 60″ x 48″

Early cultures philosophically recognized their great Source as a Goddess due to it’s metaphoric alignment to the female body – which symbolizes fertility, abundance and the perpetuation of existence and also because this source carried the emotional characteristics of a great mother whose compassion, beauty, sincerity, harmony, love, sharing and service to all were seen as Divine.


I paint the Goddess heralding this great bringer of peace. I feel my paintings are a metalanguage for the reappearing egalitarian culture that venerates the gentle traits associated with femininity into a broader scope of awareness.

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